Membership Enquiries

    Seen Big Narstie Real Game Of Thrones?
        Fancy trying out a fully immersive medieval experience for yourself?
            Then you're in the right place!

We hear more and more families are turning to camping or glamping holidays this year,
so what better way to go camping - or indeed, glamping - than as a medieval re-enactor?
You may not want anything as grand as this (yes that is a full size double bed!)
Or you may want something more grandiose, either way, we at The Knights of Skirbeck are here to help.

medieval tent oprn

Membership of The Knights of Skirbeck is open to everyone, however we do insist that anyone under the age of 16 is accompanied by a responsible adult.
The cost is £40 per adult member for your first year,  subsequent years are just £20 (if renewed by the end of January). Membership runs from date of joining to the end of December, when all membership fees become due for renewal. There is no charge for accompanied under 16's.
Payments can now be made by cash, cheque, card or contactless.
   What you will need to become a member -
    First and foremost - you'll need a sense of humour! When you've spent 4 hours setting camp in the pouring rain, it's now getting dark, the only toilet is a portaloo 300 yards away across a wet field and your only means of washing are a small bowl of warm(ish) water or a packet of baby wipes, that's when you really need a sense of humour! Then later on, when you've dried out, had a hot meal and are sitting around the camp fire with a dozen or so friends, drinking mead, singing (badly) and reciting lines from Monty Python films, you still need that sense of humour!
    Secondly - time. While we understand it is not possible for most people to attend every event, there are 4 or 5  shows per year that we ask everyone to do their best to attend.
This is one hobby where it really is true that the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

    Transport - Many of our shows are in Lincolnshire, but we also join in major events in places like Gloucestershire, Cheshire and Wales among others.

What about kit (clothes, weapons etc)? We can usually lend the basic 'essentials' to get you started, and  we always help you find and/or make the clothes you'll need, and advise you on the best places to shop/how much you should expect to pay/what to look for etc.

"But I don't know anything about medieval history". No problem, neither did most of us when we started! The trick is never to be afraid to ask, we won't expect you to know - though if you are a history professor - bonus!
    On the PLUS side, you do get FREE ADMISSION to and FREE CAMPING at some fantastic Stately Homes, Castles, Country Fairs, Museums, Abbies and even the occasional Theme Park!
(Not to mention the chance to join in some after hours lunacy!)
Still interested? Why not give us a ring on 01205 368134.

We'll happily answer all your questions, and invite you round for a drink,
so you can get to know us before your first event. 

Alternatively, send us an email with your questions,
or come and meet us at an event and see what we're about.

email -

Some of the team at Magdalen College Museum.