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medieval re-enactors
Some members of The Knights of Skirbeck at The Village Church Farm, Skegness

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        We are a medieval re-enactment society depicting the life of a medieval household defending England from raids by the French during the early fifteenth century. (The rule of the House of Lancaster)
Some members also take part in battles of the period known as The Wars of The Roses,
We then portray the household of Sir Richard Tunstall KG.
The Knights of Skirbeck are proud to be a member of The Early Medieval Alliance
and The Wars of The Roses Federation.

As seen on TV - You may have seen us on BBC TV's The One Show or films such as Gangsters, Guns and Zombies, or Outlaw and possibly even documentaries such as Prepare For Battle and Big Narstie Real Game of Thrones - among others.

We are based in Boston, Lincolnshire, and our household includes Knights, Squires, Men-at-arms, Militia, Ladies, Cooks, a Wise woman, minstrels and assorted Camp followers.

 The Knights of Skirbeck was formed by 3 experienced re-enactors in early 2008 and has gone from strength to strength.

"Where do you sleep?" - Is a question we frequently get asked, the answer? in the very tents you're looking at.

The Knights of Skirbeck

"A unique blend of living history and entertainment".

Re-enactment combat - Until they see one of our shows, people often say, "You don't really hit each other though do you?".  Many of us in The Knights of Skirbeck like to fight 'Full Contact'. This does NOT however mean we flail indiscriminately or try to knock our opponent over. What it does mean is that we strike specific strike points on our opponent without pulling the blows. Imagine a 3kg. steel bar travelling at over 200 miles per hour, hitting you full on the head - that's REAL full contact combat - Knights of Skirbeck style!
If you think our fights are choreographed, or that the weapons are not real, or perhaps you just like watching people hitting each other - hard - watch this

Caldicot Castle tournament final


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